True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK

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NameTrue Phone Dialer and Contacts APK
PublisherHamster Beat
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Latest Versionv2.0.17
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Update23 September 2023

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What is True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK?

True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK is an Android app that replaces your device’s default phone and contacts experience.

What is True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK

It aims to provide an enhanced, customizable dialer and contact management system.

The app offers a simple, clean interface for the dialer screen. You can easily access recent calls, favorites, and contacts to place calls quickly.

The dial pad has large buttons that are easy to tap. There are also customizable themes to change colors and layouts.

Managing contacts is easy with True Phone Dialer. You can merge contacts from multiple sources, like social media, into unified profiles.

Contacts can be organized into groups for family, friends, work, etc. It makes finding the right contact quicker.

The app has advanced blocking options to stop unwanted calls and texts. You can blocklist specific numbers, set up rules to block calls at certain times, and enable spam protection. It gives you greater control over nuisance contacts.

True Phone Dialer simplifies importing contacts from the SIM card or external storage. You can also export contacts to share them. Syncing with Google ensures contacts remain current across devices.

The ad-free app works well with most Android smartphones and tablets. Customizable themes let you personalize the interface. Recent updates fixed bugs and added call-waiting support.

Features Of True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK

True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK offers a range of advanced features that elevate your calling experience and provide added convenience, such as:

Simple UI

True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK comes with a straightforward dial pad that resembles the dial pad on a regular mobile phone.

Large, easy-to-tap buttons allow users to dial numbers quickly. There is also a search bar where you can rapidly type in part of a contact name to find their number.

Compared to the default dialer on many Android devices, the True Phone dialer simplifies the interface to focus on crucial dialing functions. It removes unnecessary on-screen elements that can get in the way.

Contacts Management

The built-in contacts management system makes accessing and controlling your contacts easy. You can view, add, edit, and delete contacts from one place.

Sorting options are available to customize how your contacts display. True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK allows you to organize your contacts into a structure that makes sense for your usage.

Frequently used numbers can be pinned to the top for quick access. Contacts can also be grouped into custom categories.

For example, you could have groups for Family, Work Colleagues, Friends, Business Contacts, etc. It allows you to navigate your contact list more efficiently.

Call Recording

True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK has an integrated call recording function for situations where you need to record calls. It can record any incoming or outgoing calls.

Recordings are stored on the device, allowing you to access them later. It can help remember important discussions or as evidence if any issues arise during a call.

The app will notify the other party that the call is being recorded for legal reasons. Call recording features should follow local laws and regulations.

Block Unwanted Calls and Spam

To protect against unwanted calls, True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK lets you easily block specific numbers.

Add a number to your block list, and you won’t receive any further calls or messages from that source.

An advanced spam defense system also detects and blocks suspected spam calls automatically. It helps reduce interruptions from unsolicited calls.

The app allows you to create custom blocklists by country or region for additional control. It gives you granular control over where calls are permitted from.

Voicemail Transcription

The built-in voicemail support can transcribe your voicemail messages to text for convenience.

Instead of listening through voicemail recordings, you can read voicemails as transcribed text messages.

True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK makes getting to the critical details from voicemails faster without playing through the entire recording.

Transcriptions may contain errors since the technology could be better. However, it provides a useful overall summary in most cases.

Improved Accessibility

True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK aims to provide an accessible experience for users with disabilities.

Functions like increasing text size and talkback support make it easier for those with vision or hearing impairments to use the app successfully.

Voice commands allow users to place calls and control the app hands-free. The app is designed to work smoothly with screen readers as well.

By focusing on accessibility, True Phone Dialer allows more people to benefit from its features.

Ad-Free Experience

Unlike many free dialer apps, true Phone Dialer has no ads or sponsored content. This results in a clean interface without intrusive ads getting in the way.

Your contacts and call data are not collected or shared for advertising purposes. True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK aims to deliver a simple, focused dialer experience without distractions.

For an efficient dialer and contacts manager without ads, True Phone Dialer is a solid choice. Its features give Android users an enhanced calling and contact management experience.


Customization options allow tailoring the interface and functionality to your preferences. Fonts, themes, layouts, and color schemes let you style the app to your liking.

Options for text size, handedness, and configuring display details provide added personalization. Adapt the app for maximum convenience according to your needs and style.

Smart T9 Dialer

Smart dialing capabilities save time when making calls. The T9 predictive text fills in contact names and numbers as you type on the dialpad.

True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK allows dialing the right contact with minimal effort. Reverse phone lookup draws from an online database to identify who is calling from unknown numbers.

Caller ID and spam blocking ensure you answer only the calls you want. Overall the dialing features help connect you quicker to the contacts that matter.

True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK Download

Looking for an easy way to manage your contacts and make calls from your Android device? True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK is the app for you.

True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK Download

A clean, ad-free interface simplifies dialing and organizing your contacts. The intuitive dial pad lets you dial numbers and search for contacts quickly.

There are no complicated menus or unnecessary buttons – just a simple pad focused on fast dialing. Quickly access frequently used numbers from the pinned contacts section at the top.

True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK also make managing your contacts a breeze. Sort, group, and easily add or edit contacts in one place. Pin your most important people to the top for quick access.

No more hunting through tons of contacts to find the right person. Valuable call recording features allow you to record any call for future reference or evidence.

Built-in spam blocking gives you control over nuisance calls. Accessibility features like text scaling and talkback assist users with disabilities. Hands-free voice commands add convenience.

Unlike some dialer apps, True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK never shows ads or shares your data. You get a clean, focused dialing experience.

With quick dialing, efficient contact management, call recording, spam blocking, and accessibility support, True Phone Dialer provides an enhanced calling experience for your Android phone.

So, what are you waiting for? True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK Download right now.

How to Download and Install True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK

  • First, You Need to Download True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK from the download button.
  • After Downloading, You Need To Install It.
  • After Installing, Open and Enjoy It.

Final Words

True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK provides an enhanced contacts and dialer experience to replace stock Android apps.

The streamlined interface, customizable themes, and advanced blocking make it easy to manage contacts and calls efficiently. For added convenience, it’s worth trying this app.

If you face any problems while downloading the True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK, please comment below, and we will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

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Is True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK free to use?

Yes, True Phone Dialer and Contacts APK is a free app with no ads or paid subscriptions required. All features are accessible without any additional purchases.

How does it import contacts?

You can import contacts from your SIM card, internal storage, email accounts, Facebook, and other sources. Importing prevents duplicate entries.

Is caller ID and spam blocking included?

Yes, True Phone Dialer identifies unknown numbers and blocks unwanted spam calls for added convenience.

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