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NameTrainz Simulator 3 APK
PublisherN3V Games Pty Ltd.
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Latest Versionv1.0.59
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Update26 February 2024

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What is Trainz Simulator 3 APK?

Trainz Simulator 3 APK is a train simulation game for mobile devices. The game allows you to operate realistic 3D trains across expansive rail networks.

What is Trainz Simulator 3 APK

In Trainz Simulator 3 APK, you get to drive classic and modern trains like steam locomotives, bullet trains, subways, and freight trains.

You can transport passengers and cargo around the railway routes. The game has detailed train cab models you control from the driver’s perspective.

There are many real-world trains and routes to unlock, spanning countries like the USA, Germany, France, and more.

The train models are recreated with accurate speeds, sounds, and performance. The scenery also brings the routes to life, with weather effects, day/night cycles, and dynamic environments.

As an open-world rail experience, you can explore the vast routes and transport objectives. You can also build your dream routes by customizing tracks, scenery, stations, and more in the route editor.

With simple and intuitive touch controls, you can efficiently operate the trains on any Android device.

The gameplay is realistic but accessible for casual players. Additional camera modes let you enjoy the journeys and details.

The APK means you can download the game directly without any app store required. It immediately gives you access to the latest Trainz Simulator 3 APK on mobile.

Features Of Trainz Simulator 3 APK

Trainz Simulator 3 APK comes with many exciting features:


Trainz Simulator 3 APK has hundreds of highly detailed and accurate 3D train models from different eras, like classic steam locomotives, modern high-speed bullet trains, electric commuter trains, diesel freight trains, etc.

Fully functioning and modeled 3D cabs for each train that you can operate from the driver’s perspective in first-person view.

Controls like throttle to manage speed, brake levers, door controls, horns, windshield wipers, lights, etc, all work realistically.

Trainz Simulator 3 APK has various passenger and freight cars to haul, like boxcars, oil tankers, coaches, dining cars, etc. Long trains with 100+ vehicles can be assembled.


Trainz Simulator 3 APK has vast open-world rail networks spanning thousands of miles based on actual world rail routes.

Routes include the Trans-Siberian railway, classic American railroads, European high-speed lines, etc.

Extensive scenery and environments along the routes simulate cities, villages, industries, forests, deserts, mountains, rivers, and more.

Dynamic seasons, weather, and day/night transitions make the routes come alive.


Trainz Simulator 3 APK has over 1000 highly detailed trains and other assets like stations, scenery objects, and rail infrastructure to use.

Paint schemes, logos, and liveries can be fully customized. Powerful and easy-to-use route editor lets you build your dream routes by placing tracks, scenery, stations, etc.

Endless route-building possibilities. Sessions mode allows creating custom timetable schedules for a route and AI trains that will follow them—share sessions with others.


Advanced train physics realistically simulates things like traction, braking, acceleration, weight, inertia, etc. Train handling is authentic.

Detailed operating procedures like brake tests, signal acknowledgment, speed limit enforcement, etc, are modeled based on railway rules.

Dynamic weather, seasons, and time of day changes impact rail operations. Night and day cycles, rain, and fog affect visibility.


The game’s virtual trains and rail routes correspond to real-world locations and landscapes. Players can choose trains and routes belonging to specific countries/cities they are interested in.

For example, the Japanese bullet train travels across routes set in different cities and rural areas of Japan.

The Swiss Alpine rail routes simulate the mountainous and forested terrain of Switzerland. Other routes like Rajdhani Express take players through major Indian cities and countryside.

Each route is geographically inspired by the region it represents, with locale-appropriate scenery, architecture, vegetation, etc.

Realistic towns, industries, and farms along the routes depict different countries’ economic activities and cultures. Players get to operate trains across the world without leaving their homes.


This game offers extremely high-quality visuals, superior to similar train emulator Android games.

Despite its modest size, this game will provide various graphic controls that may be utilized to tailor the gameplay to your preferences.

Enjoy The Scenery

If you don’t want to get into complicated driving and want to appreciate the many locations in this game, you can put the train on auto mode and then sit back and enjoy your ride.


The main objective is picking up and transporting passengers, mail, or freight between stations per timetable or customs schedules. Shunting and marshaling of cars are simulated.

Free roam sandbox mode lets you explore the routes at your own pace and perform railfan activities like photography, train spotting, etc.

You can do additional activities like going on duty, taking maintenance breaks, changing trains, etc. Emergency scenarios can be triggered.

Multiple camera angles are available, including exterior views of the train from the trackside, aerial, etc. Trainz Simulator 3 APK provides a cinematic experience.


A large-scale map featuring detailed environments and locations from the United States, Europe, and Australia are included in the game.

This allows players to learn firsthand about numerous places and cultures while managing their trains.

Multiple Trains and Routes

Players can select from various trains and routes, including steam, diesel, electric locomotives, and freight and passenger trains.

The game also contains a range of locations for players to explore, such as mountains, plains, and metropolitan areas.

Tutorial and Training Mode

The game features an in-game tutorial and training mode for new players to understand the game’s principles and controls.

Tasks and Challenges

As train drivers, players must fulfill a range of chores and obstacles, such as picking up and delivering passengers and freight and navigating through challenging terrain.

Choose a Train to Ride

This game has ten different trains, each with its features and functionality. Choose your train to run and transfer passengers from one location to another throughout the game.

Various Camera Angles

Trainz Simulator 3 APK has multiple camera angles, allowing you to view trains, railway tracks, and other objects from various perspectives.

Trainz Simulator 3 APK Download

Trainz Simulator 3 APK is a simple game where you can learn how to drive a train and become a master.

Trainz Simulator 3 APK Download

First, in this game, you must learn tutorials to understand the basics of a train, and after finishing the training, you will be given a train that you can drive on a long journey.

The primary goal of Trainz Simulator 3 APK is to transport passengers from one station to another.

If you succeed, you will receive money that you can use to enhance your train or unlock a new train for a better game experience.

You can choose from over ten trains as one of your main locomotives. The locomotive you select will determine the type of mission and job you must complete.

For example, if you want to drive a passenger train, your main job would be to convey passengers safely. Similarly, cargo trains will transport cargo from one location to another.

The Trainz Simulator 3 APK features high-quality graphics, background noises, and gorgeous locales and tracks.

So, what are you waiting for? Trainz Simulator 3 APK Download right now.

How to Download and Install Trainz Simulator 3 APK

  • First, You Need to Download Trainz Simulator 3 APK from the download button.
  • After Downloading, You Need To Install It.
  • After Installing, Open and Enjoy It.

Final Words

Trainz Simulator 3 APK offers an immersive and authentic train simulation for Android devices.

With realistic trains and operations, expansive open worlds, customization, and accessible controls, Trainz Simulator 3 provides unlimited railway adventures for every virtual rail fan.

If you are facing any problems while downloading Trainz Simulator 3 APK, please comment below, and I will reply as soon as possible.

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Is Trainz Simulator 3 available for Android?

Trainz Simulator 3 is available for Android devices as an APK file.

Is there any additional content available for purchase?

Yes, the game offers additional content for purchase, such as routes and trains.

Does the game support multiplayer?

Yes, the game includes multiplayer support, allowing players to join online sessions and drive trains with other players.

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