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NameRealme Dialer APK
PublisherRealme Technologies Ltd.
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Latest Versionv12.6.0
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Update09 November 2023

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What is Realme Dialer APK?

Realme Dialer APK is an Android app that allows users to make phone calls, send messages, and view contact information. Realme Technology Ltd., a Chinese company, created the app.

What is Realme Dialer APK

The Realme Dialer app differs from other call management apps in several ways. It, for example, provides a widget that can be added to the home screen to allow quick phone calls.

Features of Realme Dialer APK

We will go over the main features of the Realme Dialer APK in this article. To help you decide, we’ve highlighted some of the app’s most appealing features.

Secure and Safe

I am sure that professional developers meticulously designed Realme Dialer APK. And the knowledgeable manufacturer looks after the customers.

Furthermore, this application is safeguarded against all security threats and vulnerabilities. Your recorded calls, on the other hand, will be securely encrypted.

No outsiders or hackers can access your call recordings this way. Furthermore, a secure tunnel is established to share the call recordings.


The developer has made several customizations to make the application more appealing. Change the theme color of your app by going to the app settings. Whatever color combination you choose, feel free to create it.

Furthermore, you can easily activate the dialer tone and vibration effects. As a result, you will never tire of the interface of this application.

Furthermore, all the customizations are compatible with any device, whether iPhone or Android.

Beautiful Desing

Realme Dialer APK has a beautiful design. Realme’s user interface is an updated version of Color OS. Its user interface is much cleaner and more intuitive.

The opacity of the sidebar can be adjusted to your preference. You can also split-screen apps and open them in full-screen mode using the sidebar.

You can also configure the power button to launch Google Assistant. This app is a must-have for anyone who owns a Realme phone.

Automatic Call Recording

The call recording feature is the main reason for this app’s success. So feel free to record all calls automatically and without any effort.

Go to the settings and enable the auto-call recording option. All of your calls will be instantly recorded in your file manager.

However, the caller will be unaware that the call is being recorded. Additionally, you can manually record the calls.

Turn off the auto call option in the settings and record the call during the call. It will be automatically saved.

Customize Your Caller ID

You can customize your caller ID in Realme Dialer APK. This feature displays the caller’s name, phone number, and other information.

You can also disable the recording feature. Realme Dialer APK is highly adaptable and provides numerous customization options.

You can use it to manage your contacts, add favorites, and disable various features. You can even connect your contact list to Facebook.

Simple User interface

The Realme dialer APK could be a good option for replacing your default dialer app. It has a simple interface and replaces Google’s cumbersome dialer.

The Realme Dialer Apk has a UI similar to the OnePlus Dialer Apk but has a few new features.

It is even capable of recording phone calls. This dial pad application includes recording options and an automatic call recorder.

Call Recording

Realme Dialer APK makes it simple to record phone calls. You have the option of recording both incoming and outgoing calls.

The audio is recorded in high-quality MP3 and WAV formats. You can also easily save recordings to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Finally, you can view the audio waveform and edit the recorded audio. If you don’t want to download the files, email or text them to someone else.

Edit Your Recorded Calls

Even though many applications include the auto call recording option, only a few applications provide the opportunity to edit the call.

Meanwhile, one of those applications is the Realme Dialer APK for Android 12 and 13. With a few simple tips, the user can edit all recorded calls.

First, select and crop the recorded call that you want to edit. Meanwhile, keep in mind that the voice cannot be changed. The user can, however, only crop and edit the recorded call.

Built-In Dialer Option

Realme Dialer APK comes with a built-in dialer option. This fantastic feature allows users to dial new numbers with a single tap. Dialing any number requires no effort or hard work. Launch the app and tap the three dots on the bottom right side.

All of the digits will be displayed on your screen. Now, dial your phone number to gain access to a variety of options.

The user can easily save this number into your contact list. Second, feel free to call the number directly without saving it.

Manage Your Contacts

Realme Dialer APK includes several valuable features, such as user ID and spam information. It features a T9 keypad and simple call management.

It also allows you to manage your contact list and delete duplicates quickly. Other features include the ability to turn off your proximity sensor during calls.

And, best of all, it’s free, with no advertisements or in-app purchases. However, it includes paid themes, making it more appealing to users.

Realme Link Integration

Realme Dialer seamlessly syncs with other connected Realme devices through Realme Link.

Call logs, contacts, favorites and other data are shared across laptops, tablets, and smartphones connected via Realme Link.

Realme Link enables backup and restoration of dialer data on multiple devices. It also allows migrating data to a new Realme phone.

Realme Dialer APK Download

Realme Dialer APK is a phone call app. The user can customize everything thanks to the simple yet stylish interface.

Realme Dialer APK Download

Adjust everything to your liking and use it with confidence. Change the opacity of the application’s sidebar and divide the screen into sections.

However, there is a striking resemblance to the Oneplus Phone Dialer. With seamless integration technology, users can save confidential files into Google Cloud.

The most fantastic feature is that the user can save unlimited contacts on his mobile phone. Calls from strangers and friends should be recorded and shared via email and text.

You can also view callers’ private information, such as names and phone numbers. The Realme Dialer APK allows you to do anything.

On the other hand, the user can sync with his Facebook account and approach the contact list automatically.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Realme Dialer APK right now.

How to Download and Install Realme Dialer APK

  • First, You Need to Download Realme Dialer APK from the download button.
  • After Downloading, You Need To Install It.
  • After Installing, Open and Enjoy It.

Final Words

If you are looking for a perfect dialer app for your smartphone, the Realme Dialer APK is the best app for you.

Furthermore, the user can set this application as a default. In this way, you don’t need to select the dialer repeatedly.

If you face any problems while downloading the Realme Dialer APK, please comment below, and we will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

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How do you set up speed dial in Realme?

There is no Speed dial, but you can mark contacts as favorites by opening them and pressing the star in the upper right-hand corner. The connection will now be at the top of the list.

How do I turn on the call record in the Realme dialer?

Navigate to the Phone app and tap the three-dot menu in the upper right corner. Select Settings -> Select the Call Recording tab -> From the following screen, select the Call Recording option.
The Auto-record calls option will appear when you enable the Call recording option. Allow it.

Can I replace the Google dialer with a Realme dialer? 

Yes, You can easily replace the Google dialer with a Realme dialer.

Do Realme phones have Google dialer? 

Yes, Realme phones also have Google Dialer.

Does Realme have its dialer?

Yes, Realme has its dialer app, which is known as Realme Dialer APK. It offers advanced functions such as call recording, call blocking, and caller ID and is pre-installed on Realme smartphones.
The application is intended to provide users with a seamless communication experience and is downloadable on other Android devices.

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