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NameMI Dialer APK (MIUI)
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Update09 November 2023

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What is MI Dialer APK?

MI Dialer APK is a phone calling app made by Xiaomi for their Android phones. It replaces the default calling app that comes with your phone.

What is MI Dialer APK

The app has a clean and simple look. It has big buttons and large fonts, making it easy to see the numbers and dial fast.

When you open the MI Dialer APK, you see your favourite contacts, recent calls, and a dialpad on the main screen.

So you can quickly tap to call people you contact a lot. A significant feature is support for dual SIM cards.

If your Xiaomi phone has two SIM card slots, MI Dialer can manage calls and texts for both SIMs. You can easily switch between the SIMs before placing a call.

Another helpful feature is the blocklist to avoid unwanted calls. You can block specific phone numbers that bother you.

Or use wildcards to block entire ranges of numbers, which helps avoid spam. MI Dialer also does reverse lookup on incoming calls.

It checks the number against an online database and identifies the caller’s name. It detects spam calls and shows you names for unknown numbers.

You can record any call with high audio quality and save the recordings. It’s easy to share the recordings from within the app.

The call history separates incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. You can check detailed logs of all your phone activity.

Beyond calls, you can customize dial-pad sounds, vibrations, font sizes, colour themes, and the layout.

Personalize the MI Dialer to your liking. It seamlessly integrates with your Xiaomi contacts and phonebook. Easily access all your contacts.

Features Of MI Dialer APK

MI Dialer APK has many useful features, such as:

Interface and Design

MI Dialer APK has a clean and minimalist interface with large fonts, buttons, and icons, making the app easy to navigate.

The main screen elegantly displays your favourite contacts, recent calls, contact list, and dialpad without cluttering the display.

Settings and tools can be accessed from a simple one-tap menu button. Themes allow customizing colours, backgrounds, icon shapes, and layouts.

Dual SIM Management

For dual SIM Xiaomi phones, MI Dialer APK can independently manage both SIM cards’ calls, messages, and data. Separate call logs and storage allotted for each SIM prevent data mixing.

The SIM manager lets you configure cellular data, call forwarding, and preferred SIM for outgoing calls/SMS for each SIM. Switching between SIMs is instant before placing a call.

Call Recording

MI Dialer APK allows recording any call in high audio quality and encoding. Recordings can be paused, resumed or muted as needed mid-call.

You can listen to recordings directly from call history logs. Recordings can be saved locally on phone storage or shared via messaging and social apps.

Spam Protection

MI Dialer APK enables you to block nuisance callers by adding specific numbers to a block list. Wildcards can be used to secure an entire series of numbers.

For unknown callers, reverse phone lookup is performed, and caller names are shown to identify legitimate callers and avoid spam.


Several elements of MI Dialer APK can be customized, including ringtones, dial pad tones, font style and size, text styling, colour themes and accent colours.

The positions of on-screen elements like recents, contacts, and menus can be rearranged per preference. Useful widgets like one-touch dialling can be added to the home screen.

Call History

The call history is neatly categorized into incoming, outgoing and missed call logs. Detailed call duration, date, SIM used, and repeat caller info are available at a glance.

The call history can be filtered multiple ways to search for specific calls. New unknown numbers can be easily saved as contacts from call history.

Contacts and Phonebook

MI Dialer APK automatically syncs with the local Xiaomi phonebook and consolidates all contacts. Contacts can be saved, edited or deleted.

They can be imported/exported in various file formats. Search makes finding contacts easy. Contacts can be favourited or grouped into custom labels. Photos identify contacts visually.

Very Compatible

If you’re wondering whether your Mi smartphone is compatible with this app, you should know that it can be used on any Mi smartphone so that you won’t have any compatibility issues.

Experience the Original MI Dialer

This app is ideal for anyone who does not like or is having problems with the Google dialer introduced by Xiaomi.

You will have a completely authentic-like experience with the Xiaomi Contacts and Dialer app.

Simple Installation

When it comes to APKs, many people are skeptical of them because they can be difficult to download and install.

However, you will not have this problem with the Xiaomi Contacts and Dialer app because it is extremely simple to download and install on your device. This app will not present you with any such difficulties.

Call Management

Call forwarding, call waiting, and voicemail can be configured. Incoming calls can be forwarded to a different number or voicemail when busy.

Call waiting enables receiving calls during an ongoing call. Voicemail greetings and numbers can be customized.

Speed Dial

Frequently called contacts can be assigned speed dial numbers. Long press the speed dial digits to automatically call contacts. It saves time compared to searching and tapping contacts.

Low Radiation Mode

Reduces radiation exposure during calls by weakening signal strength. Useful for situations like low-network coverage areas. It can cause call quality and network issues if always enabled.

Call Reminders

Add notes and reminders for calls in the built-in diary. Helps take notes during important calls. Schedule reminders for follow-up actions after calls.

MI Dialer APK Download

MI Dialer APK can provide a better calling experience on your Xiaomi phone. With its clean and minimalist design, it makes dialling numbers a breeze.

MI Dialer APK Download

The large buttons and fonts mean you can quickly tap on contacts and dial pad digits without squinting or accidental taps.

MI Dialer APK shines if you have a dual SIM Xiaomi phone. It lets you seamlessly manage two SIMs with separate call and message logs. You can customize each SIM’s settings independently.

Tap on the preferred SIM from the dial pad when you need to call. No longer do you need to go into Settings to switch SIMs?

Do you get a lot of unwanted calls and spam? MI Dialer APK has excellent spam protection. Block specific nuisance numbers easily.

You can even use wildcards to block entire ranges in one go. The reverse phone lookup feature identifies names of unknown numbers so you can avoid unwanted calls.

Do you want to avoid your regular dialer app’s stale and boring interface? MI Dialer fixes that with tons of personalization options.

Change the theme colours, layouts, and fonts to your liking for a fresh look. Custom ringtones and dial pad sounds make calling feel fun.

With MI Dialer APK, you can record important calls with excellent audio quality. Pause resume anytime during the call.

Recordings are conveniently saved to call logs. Need to share a conversation? Just attach the recording file to your favourite messaging app.

So, what are you waiting for? Download MI Dialer APK right now.

How to Download And Install MI Dialer APK

  • First, You Need to Download MI Dialer APK from the download button.
  • After Downloading, You Need To Install It.
  • After Installing, Open and Enjoy It.

Final Words

MIUI Dialer APK provides a highly functional dialer app with extensive personalization options tailored for Xiaomi devices. The minimalist UI and smooth SIM management make it easy to use daily.

If you are facing any difficulties while downloading the MI Dialer APK, please comment below, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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How to enable MI dialer?

Suppose you want to use MI Dialer APK. You need to download this app and install it. After Installation, you can enable it on your phone.

How do I get Xiaomi Dialer?

You can get Xiaomi Dialer From our site.

How to change Google dialer to Mi dialer?

Suppose you want to change the Google dialer to the MI dialer. You need to download the MI dialer and install it. After Installation, you can change the Google dialer to the MI dialer.

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