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NameTekken 7 APK
PublisherBandai Namco
Size35 MB
Latest Versionv1.5
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Update18 September 2023

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What is Tekken 7 APK?

Tekken 7 APK is a file that allows you to install the fighting video game Tekken 7 on Android devices.

What is Tekken 7 APK

Tekken 7 is the latest installment in the popular Tekken fighting game franchise developed by Bandai Namco.

It was initially released 2015 for Arcade, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Tekken series is known for its deep yet intuitive combat system and flashy special moves.

The Tekken 7 APK allows you to play the full version of Tekken 7 on your Android smartphone or tablet.

It gives you access to all the console and PC versions’ characters, modes, stages, and features. With the APK, you can play against AI opponents or other players online.

The gameplay is optimized for touch controls but also supports Bluetooth controllers.

You can perform all the punches, kicks, throws, and combos using on-screen buttons or an attached gamepad. The graphics and visuals are tuned to look great on mobile displays.

Features Of Tekken 7 APK

Tekken 7 APK comes with many exciting features, such as:


The Tekken 7 APK gives you access to all 38 characters from the console and arcade versions of the game.

Tekken 7 APK includes fan favorites like Kazuya, Jin, Heihachi, Paul, Law, Xiaoyu, Yoshimitsu, Jack-7, and many more.

With the iconic Tekken 7 roster, you can play as a fighter who suits your style – a Mishima karate expert, a lightning-fast ninja, or a hulking robot.

Rage Art & Drive

Art of Rage A one-of-a-kind and exclusive critical move for each character in Rage mode, which leads it to be disabled until the next round.

If the initial assault hits the opponent, a cinematic sequence will start and do around 30% of the damage, depending on the character.

Rage Art has also been modified to guarantee that the inverse proportion of the damage caused to the enemy is displayed in the current health bar.

Most characters are motivated by one or more Rage Drives, which might be brand-new or amplified behaviours.

Surrendering the Rage mode for the entire round, like Rage Art, means trading the severe harm of Rage Art for a manoeuvre with less danger and varied usefulness.


The Android version of Tekken 7 is a customized version of the PC version. As a result, don’t expect any spectacular graphics from this game.

The graphics are enough for playing this game. This game is also playable on low-end smartphones because of its smaller size.

New Techniques and Moves

Each character has Rage Arts and Rage Drives – special moves unlockable when your health gets low. Rage Arts unleashes devastating attacks in slow-motion cinematics.

Rage Drives enable powered-up combos. These mechanics add an exciting ebb and flow to matches, allowing clutch comebacks if you time the Rage moves appropriately.

Practice Mode

This fantastic mode will help you become a pro player in Tekken 7 APK. You can try all the techniques and moves in practice mode to see which works best for you.

Later, you can use these methods in a real game to quickly compete with your opponent. The more you practice the game, the better your chances of winning are.

3D Combat Mechanics

The game has 3D graphics and lets players walk around the fighting arena in all directions, providing greater freedom and strategic alternatives in battle.

Story Mode

The game has a Story Mode that allows players to progress through the final chapter of the Mishima Saga storyline, which narrates the story of the Mishima family and their ongoing war.

Online Multiplayer

Take the fight online in seamless 1v1 multiplayer. Ranked Leagues allow you to compete against players worldwide as you aim for the top of leaderboards.

Casual Matches let you hone skills without pressure. Cross-play with PlayStation and Xbox widen the online player pool. Show your prowess in PvP battles!


Make each fighter your own with customizable appearances. Unlock new costumes, hairstyles, accessories, and more as you play – then mix and match them with your favorite characters.

Visually enhance your fighters as you dominate online matches and single-player modes.

Rage Arts and Power Crushes

Rage Arts is an enhanced version of your character’s movement that causes more damage at the expense of some rage meter. Power crush is an uninterruptible move that will consume low-hitting moves as you perform it.

Revolutionary Fighting System

The game includes a unique fighting system that blends the most excellent components of traditional 2D fighting games with superior 3D graphics and innovative mechanics such as the “Rage Drive” and “Bound” systems.

Easy Controls

Intuitive touchscreen controls allow you to easily pull off moves and combos with taps, swipes, and gestures.

Support for Bluetooth controllers like the DualShock 4 opens up gameplay for those more comfortable with traditional inputs. Flexible options let you play comfortably.

Screw Hits

This replaces the ground-bound mechanic (before bound), providing a significant opportunity to perform long and deadly combos by knocking an opponent hit in a vulnerable condition with a thrower on the ground.

Screw hits are similar to Ground Bounding moves in that the receiving opponent’s animation is tweaked, and they are placed on the floor with a “screw” in the air. Screw hits, unlike ground-bound, cannot be used for wall combos.


Fight it out in immersive stages like the serene Infinite Azure with whales swimming in the background.

Duke it out in the volcanic environment of the Devil’s Pit. Brawl within the Mishima Dojo. Vibrant and varied visuals make each location stand out.


Tekken 7 APK has an unlocked frame rate for incredibly smooth performance on devices like the latest Galaxy or high-end tablets. Enjoy seamless 60fps gameplay and enhanced visuals.


In this game, you have to participate in battle. Before fighting in any of these conflicts, please prepare carefully.

Additionally, plan at the start of this game. In Tekken 7, the player has access to various technologies and instruments.

You must adhere to the game’s rules to participate. Like this game, Tekken 3 apk download requires players to adhere to the authorities.

You can play single-player and multiplayer modes Tekken 7 APK and Tekken 5 APK. This village has a large number of notable characters and warriors.

At the beginning of the game, the player can choose his preferred character. At first, you can only select one character, and we will unlock the second player later.

It would be best if you spent coins to acquire a new participant. In Tekken 7 APK, spending money is the only way to personalize your characters.

During combat, players must execute multiple movements in the game. For example, they were flying, jumping, kicking, and punching.

Tekken 7 APK Download

Tekken 7 APK is an Android game that can be played on Android. This game is also available in a PC version. Download Tekken 7 Apk to enjoy all its features on your mobile devices.

Tekken 7 APK Download

There are over 30 characters to choose from in Tekken 7 APK but to use them all; you must progress by winning multiple games.

The more games you win, the more characters you can get. Katarina, Claudio, Josie, Shaheen, and other well-known characters have recently appeared.

The controls in this game, as in any fighting game, are critical. Because you must make lightning-fast moves to take down your opponent.

As a result, the developer has designed far better controls that make playing games much more straightforward.

So, what are you waiting for? Tekken 7 APK Download right now.

How to Download and Install Tekken 7 APK

  • First, You Need to Download Tekken 7 APK from the download button.
  • After Downloading, You Need To Install It.
  • After Installing, Open and Enjoy It.

Final Words

Tekken 7 APK lets you enjoy the whole Tekken 7 experience on your Android device.

Fighting game fans who want to play the latest Tekken on the go can download the APK to transform their phone into a portable Tekken machine.

If you are facing problems while downloading Tekken 7 APK, please comment below, and I will reply as soon as possible.

Remember to bookmark our blog Ocean APK for the most recent updates on this game.


Is Tekken 7 available for Android?

Yes, Tekken 7 is available for Android.

Can Tekken 7 run on Android?

Yes, you can run Tekken 7 on Android.

Can I download Tekken 7 on Android?

Yes, you can download Tekken 7 on Android.

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