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NameTekken 3 APK
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Update21 September 2023

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What is Tekken 3 APK

Tekken 3 APK is a widespread release in the Arcade genre. It once enjoyed widespread popularity among PS1 game players.

What is Tekken 3 APK

Bandai Namco Entertainment, Inc. has returned to our youth by making this game available for Android devices. The game’s controls on Android devices are incredibly intuitive, and the gameplay is fluid.

You can modify your character and select a game mode to begin playing. Additionally, there is an inactive mode for practice.

In addition to skins, textures, and markings, players have complete customization control over the appearance of their characters.

The game provides players with various playable modes, allowing them to customize their experience.

Multiple game levels keep players engaged, and high-definition visuals enhance the overall experience.

The game’s controls are simple to grasp, and there are a variety of exciting combos available to players.

Numerous features of the game excite participants significantly. Listed below are some of the game’s most essential characteristics.

Features Of Tekken 3 APK

Tekken 3 APK comes with many useful features, such as:

Easy-to-Use Design

The new ease and comfort associated with Android gaming applications today result from the application’s user interface.

Simply put, it refers to the ease and naturalness with which the player can experience and engage with the game’s defining moments and engage with it.

This game allowed the developers to design a game with the best user interface that everyone could use and enjoy, regardless of specialized ability. The gamer desires only a simple contact on the computer of the Android device.

Simple Controls

The game’s controls are also relatively simple to use, and after playing one or two rounds, you will become used to them.


There are some classic characters from the PS1 edition in the game. So you may now play with your favourite characters on your phone. It is crucial to remember that characters in newer editions, such as Tekken 4, are improved. Some characters mention below:

  • Anna Williams
  • Nina Williams
  • Bryan Fury
  • Dr. Bosconovitch
  • Eddy Gordo
  • Forrest Law
  • Gon
  • Heihachi Mishima
  • Hwoarang
  • Jack
  • Jin Kazama
  • Julia Chang
  • Kazuya Mishima
  • King
  • Kuma
  • Lei Wulong
  • Ling Xiaoyu
  • Mokujin
  • Nina Williams
  • Ogre
  • Panda
  • Paul Phoenix
  • Tiger Jackson
  • Yoshimitsu


While scaled down from the original, Tekken 3 APK retains the visual flair and style of Tekken 3. Fighters and environments are recreated in 3D with vivid colors and effects.

Details like costumes, faces, and fighting animations bring each character to life. Arenas are interactive with objects you can smash or walls you can break.


Progressing the game unlocks new characters, costumes, hairstyles, and arena backgrounds. There are many customizations to discover the more you play.

Many Levels

You should complete the misusing to win the game, and there are over 50+ levels to pass.


Various gameplay modes include Arcade, Survival, Time Attack, Survival, and Practice. Each provides a different experience and challenges.

In Arcade, you fight through multiple stages against opponents and bosses. Survival sees how long you can last against an endless onslaught of foes. Time attack challenges you to win fights as fast as possible.

Online and Offline Mode

Users can play this game both online and offline. Users can still play this game and have a great time even if they do not have internet connectivity.

Survival Mode

In survival mode, the user must exercise extreme caution. The user will fight against numerous competitors or enemies.

When the enemy is defeated, the user receives another enemy with the same health. The player must keep track of his health while defeating all opponents and staying at the same fitness level.

Customize Players

You can unlock alternate costumes and new hair/accessories to customize your favorite characters. Visually personalize fighters to give them your stylistic flair.

Avoid The Attacks

To win this game, you need to dodge The Attacks of your opponents and not lose your energy.

Practice Mode

Practice mode is handy for those who have poor gaming skills and want to learn how to play like a pro. Choose any player you wish to for practice, and you can also choose your opponent.

You can learn new fighting skills from all players in this mode, and the best thing is that there are no time limits in this mode, so you can practice as much as you want.

You will never lose health in this mode, so fight without fear. So get into this mode and learn new fighting techniques like a pro.

Some Other Features Of Tekken 3 APK

  • A roster of characters to play with that is both amusing and extensive.
  • A diverse and intriguing collection of playable maps.
  • There are numerous game modes to enjoy.
  • The game’s story mode is unique and was designed mainly for it.
  • Fully The game has high-definition visuals.
  • Completely uninterrupted gameplay with no lag.
  • A fast pace combined with outstanding fighting mechanics.

Tekken 3 APK Download

There was a time back when we used to have PS One with many exciting games in it.

Tekken 3 APK Download

The current generation will not experience the thrill of playing games on that device. The most popular game at that time was Tekken 3 game.

Smartphones have allowed us to relive our childhood experiences. Many games we played as youngsters on different devices can now be accessible and played on smartphones.

Tekken 3 Apk is likewise a game king of its period. There aren’t many people who haven’t played this game. The good news is that this PlayStation 1 game can now be played on cell phones.

The Tekken 3 Apk features all the things that were featured in the earlier edition of the game. Because the game was designed for the PlayStation One, it also includes low poly graphics on smartphones.

The makers could have updated the most recent graphics, but they chose not to do so to maintain the game’s originality and aesthetic.

As a result, this is a wise decision because it will provide a nostalgic experience while playing the game.

So, what are you waiting for? Tekken 3 APK Download right now.

How to Download and Install Tekken 3 APK

  • First, You Need to Download Tekken 3 APK from the download button.
  • After Downloading, You Need To Install It.
  • After Installing, Open and Enjoy It.

Final Words

If you want to relive your childhood, Tekken 3 APK is the game for you. Tekken 3 is a game that has been on the market since the 1990s, and no play can compete with its popularity.

If you are facing any problems while downloading the Tekken 3 APK, please comment below, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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Can we play Tekken 3 on Android?

Yes, You can play Tekken 3 on Android.

Is Tekken 3 allow players to save the game?

Yes, Tekken 3 allows players to save the game.

How many characters does Tekken 3 have?

There are 21 characters in Tekken 3.

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