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NameGTA Amritsar APK (GTA Punjab)
PublisherFan Made
Size662 MB
Latest Versionv7.0
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Update26 February 2024

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What is GTA Amritsar APK?

GTA Amritsar APK is a fan-made mod of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas set in Amritsar, India.

What is GTA Amritsar APK

It provides players with a new map, vehicles, and gameplay experience themed around Indian culture and the city of Amritsar.

The APK functions as a total conversion mod, replacing the entire state of San Andreas with a detailed recreation of Amritsar and surrounding areas.

The massive map allows players to explore landmarks like the Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, and historic walls and gates.

The mod features over 40 new vehicles, including auto rickshaws, tractors, and Indian motorcycles to fit the unique setting.

The gameplay in GTA Amritsar APK is similar to the classic GTA experience, with elements tailored to the Indian environment.

Players can complete missions, rob banks, engage in shootouts with police, and explore the massive open world.

The gameplay emphasizes melee weapons like swords and knives in addition to firearms. New pedestrian models and ambient characters bring the world to life.

With its Indian-inspired setting and details, GTA Amritsar APK provides a fresh take on the traditional GTA formula.

The mod offers an immersive sandbox for exploration, especially for those interested in Indian culture, architecture, and urban landscapes.

It shows the possibilities of modding and how the GTA engine can be transformed to create unique new worlds.

The GTA Amritsar APK delivers the whole experience in one easy download without additional mods or files.

It provides hours of gameplay in a lovingly crafted Indian setting that GTA fans will find both familiar and novel.

Exploring Amritsar as imagined in the hyper-detailed open world is an engaging new adventure.

Features Of GTA Amritsar APK

GTA Amritsar APK Comes With Many Interesting Features Like:

Explore Amritsar City

GTA Amritsar APK takes you on a virtual tour of the engaging city of Amritsar, which is famous for its rich cultural heritage.

Enjoy the filled streets, markets, and iconic landmarks, such as the majestic Golden Temple.

The developers have meticulously recreated the essence of Amritsar to provide participants with an authentic experience.

Storyline And Missions

GTA Amritsar APK’s captivating storyline and missions are a unique feature. Take the role of the main character and start on a thrilling journey that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

As you continue the game, you will engage in action-packed missions, face intriguing characters, and uncover the secrets of Amritsar.

Amazing Graphics

GTA Amritsar APK features enhanced visuals and graphics, utilizing cutting-edge technologies to provide a visually amazing gaming experience.

With vibrant landscapes, realistic character models, and dynamic lighting effects that add reality and dimension to the game, the attention to detail is remarkable.

Prepare to be stunned as you explore the intricate urban design of Amritsar.

Lots of Vehicles and Weapons

You will have access to a large collection of vehicles and weapons in GTA Amritsar APK, allowing you to navigate the city in style and wreak chaos on your enemies.

From old cars to motorcycles and helicopters, the game offers many vehicles to suit your preferences. Equip yourself with an arsenal of weapons so that you can overcome any challenges that may appear.

Immersive Soundtrack

A captivating game is complete with a good soundtrack, and GTA Amritsar APK delivers both.

Immerse yourself in the authentic sounds of Amritsar with music that shows the city’s true spirit and enhances your gaming experience.

The soundtrack adds another layer of immersion to the game, from traditional Punjabi music to pulsating rhythms.

Easy to Use Control

The user-friendly interface and intuitive controls of GTA Amritsar APK make for a seamless gaming experience.

Whether you’re an experienced player of the Grand Theft Auto series or a newcomer, you’ll find the controls intuitive, allowing you to focus on the game rather than complex mechanics.

The well-designed interface provides fast access to the game’s various features and options.

Unique Gameplay

GTA Amritsar APK offers a unique gameplay experience with its missions, challenges, and activities.

Players can engage in thrilling car chases and intense shootouts and explore the vast open-world environment of Amritsar. The game provides a perfect blend of action, adventure, and exploration.


In GTA Amritsar, customization is important, and players have many opportunities to customize their characters and vehicles.

The game allows players to create unique and distinct identities within the virtual world by customizing everything from clothing and other items to vehicles.

Customize your character’s appearance, wardrobe, and skill set to match your desired playstyle.

In addition, customize your vehicles with engine upgrades, body kits, and customized paint treatments to make them stand out on the streets of Amritsar.

Multiplayer Mode

GTA Amritsar provides a multiplayer mode where players can join forces with friends or other players online.

Together, they can embark on cooperative missions, engage in competitive gameplay, or explore the city, adding a social element to the gaming experience.

Open-World Gameplay

The core gameplay remains similar to classic GTA – you can freely roam the open world, steal vehicles, get into shootouts with police, and complete story missions.

Melee combat is enhanced, allowing you to wield swords, knives, and kirpans in close-quarters fights: new melee moves and combos to master.

Driving feels unique with Indian vehicles like auto rickshaws, which handle differently than cars. I need to learn each vehicle’s feel.

Police chases take on local flavor as you attempt to evade cops in winding Amritsar streets or narrow bazaar lanes.

Spice up gameplay with Bhangra dancing emotes and celebrating Diwali fireworks. Robbing banks and stores remains exciting, given the dense urban layouts to navigate getaways.

Rural areas offer new gameplay with tractor racing, crop harvesting, and livestock herding. Take on side missions like apprehending kingpins, transporting Bollywood stars, and protecting politicians.

Customize gameplay with Indian attire, food boosts, and melee weapons purchased from vendors. Experience an engaging story woven into Punjab’s history and politics.

GTA Amritsar APK Download

Are you a gamer who is searching for an exciting game experience? You are familiar with the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series if you appreciate open-world action-adventure games.

GTA Amritsar APK Download

GTA Amritsar APK is a popular mod that allows players to explore the vibrant city of Amritsar, Punjab.

In this detailed guide, we tell all the thrilling features of GTA Amritsar APK, providing you with all the information you need to enhance your gaming experience.

From the breathtaking visuals to the engaging gameplay, we will look at everything that makes this mod a must-try for any Grand Theft Auto fans.

So, what are you waiting for? GTA Amritsar APK Download right now.

How to Download and Install GTA Amritsar APK

  • First, download the GTA Amritsar APK+OBB file from the link provided below. 
  • Then, extract both of them using ES File Explorer or Z Archiver.
  • Then, place the Obb file in the Android/Obb folder and install the GTA India Apk.
  • After that, launch the game and begin playing.

Final Words

GTA Amritsar APK offers an exhilarating gaming experience for fans of the Grand Theft Auto series.

With its realistic graphics, unique gameplay, and wide range of missions, it has captured the attention of gamers worldwide.

If you find any problems while downloading the GTA Amritsar APK, comment below, and we will resolve your issue quickly.

Remember to bookmark our blog Ocean APK for the most recent updates on this game.


Can I play GTA Amritsar APK on my iOS device?

Unfortunately, GTA Amritsar APK is currently only available for Android devices. The modified APK file is not compatible with iOS devices due to the differences in the operating systems. However, many other Grand Theft Auto games are available for iOS users to enjoy.

Is GTA Amritsar APK an official release by Rockstar Games?

No, GTA Amritsar APK is not an official release by Rockstar Games, the creators of Grand Theft Auto. It is a fan-made modification that allows players to experience the game in a unique setting. For the official Grand Theft Auto experience, consider purchasing the original game from trusted sources.

Is GTA Amritsar APK safe to download and install?

GTA Amritsar APK is generally safe to install when downloaded from trusted sources. However, it is always recommended to exercise caution when downloading third-party apps or APK files.

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