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NameGTA 5 Fan Made APK
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Update03 September 2023

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What is GTA 5 Fan Made APK?

GTA 5 Fan Made APK is an Android Open World action-adventure game based on the Grand Theft Auto V series for PC.

What is GTA 5 Fan Made APK

Rockstar Games developed GTA 5 for PC, but many small game development teams have created GTA 5 fan-made games for Android so that users can experience the BETA gameplay of GTA V on mobile devices.

Due to its easy accessibility and exciting gameplay, the game has acquired a lot of popularity among Android users.

To become a true criminal, we must first conquer the well-known and entertaining Grand Theft Auto games.

This marvelous production has been around for a long time and contains many engaging features and elements.

As a result, the Rockstar Games studio had to quickly create a mobile version of their most recent success, GTA 5 Mobile.

The effort of the game’s creators to make the change as seamless as possible allowed Android phones and tablets to retain all of the game’s original features.

Features Of GTA 5 Fan Made APK

GTA 5 Fan Made APK comes with many exciting features, such as:

Extra Missions

GTA 5 Fan Made APK introduces novel and interesting missions and challenges to entertain traditional GTA fans.

To complete missions, you are still tasked with shooting people, driving vehicles, and facing challenges.

Multiplayer Mode

Some fan-made mods incorporate multiplayer support for playing on customized maps/modes.

Multiplayer mods allow exploring new fan-made maps together and engaging in roleplay servers with other players.

Fans have hosted multiplayer servers that can be connected via LAN or VPN for cooperative or competitive play.

Modded multiplayer expands the scope of collaborative gameplay experiments and social interactions.


Grand Theft Auto’s extremely realistic and smooth gameplay made it so popular. GTA 5 Fan Made APK will allow you to play the same game with a more realistic and smooth experience.

Even though the game was released many years ago, it still meets today’s standards. You are free to roam here, but the graphics are more detailed. You may also travel to different places and behave as a citizen.

Weapons and Vehicles

As usual, this game contains a wide range of weapons. Handguns, martial weapons, shotguns, sniper rifles, and grenade launchers are available.

Equip them all in-game and destroy everything! Numerous are available for unlocking and collection on the streets. You can also get special and throwable weapons in this game.

Updated Cars

The flashy sports cars are one of the main reasons why fans enjoy the Grand Theft Auto video game. You can use a variety of cars to accomplish missions or explore the city.

With the fan-made version of GTA 5, you will have access to various vehicles, including sports cars, classic models, rescue cars, and even military off-road vehicles.

3D Graphics

GTA 5 has, without a doubt, the most realistic and stunning visuals of any GTA game. It has 3D graphics that are still popular today.

Surprisingly it is comparable to the majority of today’s games. Everything, from the characters to the settings, was created with realism in mind.

Full Map

GTA 5 Fan Made download full map APK comes with a large map. Fans have designed new maps and locations extending beyond the original GTA 5 map of Los Santos and Blaine County.

These custom maps add new islands, interiors of buildings, houses, airports, shopping malls, restaurants and other explorable areas.

Players can explore fan-made maps with new terrains, cityscapes, vehicles and footpaths that are not in the original game.

Save Game

Offline Mode does not currently support saving game progress to a cloud account. If you complete a mission offline, it will not appear in your game history when you reconnect to the internet and play online.

Play in Three Unique Cities

You can choose between Las Venturas, Los Santos, and San Fierro when playing GTA 5 Fan Made APK. Explore these cities yourself and utilize a variety of weapons to complete tasks.

Road Textures 

Fan-made GTA 5 features 3D graphics for a more immersive gaming experience, including minor details like road textures, character appearances, and building designs.

Support in Low Devices

You do not need a smartphone with hundreds of gigabytes of storage to play this game, as it is compatible with older devices.

Enhanced plants

If you’ve wanted to see improved graphics and 3D colors, you’ve come to the correct place, as this game features enhanced graphics and improved plants that make a major impact on the players.


Rockstar Games has made the 2013 action-adventure video game Grand Theft Auto available for mobile phones.

This game is played from the third-person perspective. It means discovering the thrilling world on foot or with vehicles.

The GTA V Fan Made APK provides players with exciting, spine-thrilling adventures that may involve a crime scene or a driving mission.

It keeps the player interested in the game’s grounds with its impressive features and graphics.

This game mode is easy to control because it is available on mobile devices, so the functions are only a touch away, making it simpler to play and control the camera.

Custom Audio

Audio mods use fan-made audio to add new soundtrack music, radio stations, and sound effects.

Fans can create custom radio stations to play their music within vehicles in the game. Mods that create new ambient sound effects for weather, crowds, animals, combat etc., help immerse players.

Custom voice acting by fans can enhance immersion in modded missions and stories using additional audio.


Skins modify appearances of characters like CJ, Trevor, or Niko with fan-made costumes and outfits.

Vehicle skins give customized paint jobs and textures for cars, aircraft, and boats for unique looks.

Weapons are reskinned with new models and textures while retaining original stats. Environmental skins change the textures of buildings, trees, roads, walls and other objects.

Cheats Menu

The integrated cheats menu offers quick access to spawning vehicles, unlocking weapons, god mode, wanted levels, etc.

Players can enable cheats like infinite health, ammo, and no reloads for a creative, open-world experience.

Cheats can make the gameplay more straightforward or chaotic, depending on how they are used during missions.

Combining cheats creates new possibilities to experiment and have fun with the open world freedom.

GTA 5 Fan Made APK Download For Android

Everyone enjoys playing open-world games, especially Rockstar Games. The GTA series is well-known for its cars, cities, and open-world maps.

GTA 5 Fan Made APK Download For Android

When it comes to modifying the game, multiple fan-made variants are available on the internet.

GTA 5 Fan Made APK is a modified version of the Grand Theft Auto game series that features enhanced graphics, new supercars, structures, and other features.

It is one of the most popular fan-made modifications ever developed for Android devices, introducing stability and quality enhancements.

GTA 5 Fan Made APK also lets you play in multiplayer mode, allowing you to enjoy a new mobile gaming experience with significantly improved graphics.

For a more enjoyable gaming experience and to test GTA’s new features, let’s explore them.

So, what are you waiting for? GTA 5 Fan Made APK Download right now.

How to Download and Install GTA 5 Fan Made APK

  • First, You Need to Download GTA 5 Fan Made APK from the download button.
  • After Downloading, You Need To Install It.
  • After Installing, Open and Enjoy It.

Final Words

GTA V Fan Made APK is a great game for those who want to experience the original gameplay with a combination of additional features.

Its HD graphics offer players some of the best features available on mobile devices.

If you are facing any problems while downloading the GTA 5 Fan Made APK, please comment below, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Remember to bookmark our blog Ocean APK for the most recent updates on this game.


Is GTA 5 made for Android?

No, GTA 5 is not made for Android devices.

How to Download GTA V Mobile?

You can download GTA 5 Fan Made APK for mobile.

Will there be updates?

As an unofficial mod, the fan APK depends on the creators for updates. Don’t expect regular fixes or support.

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