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NameTrader Life Simulator APK
PublisherGoldfinch Games
Size430 MB
Latest Versionv2.0.8
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Update20 September 2023

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What is Trader Life Simulator APK?

Trader Life Simulator APK is a mobile game app that allows you to experience the thrill and challenges of being a stock market trader without having to risk any real money.

What is Trader Life Simulator APK

It is a simulation game for Android devices that lets you practice trading stocks in a virtual environment that mirrors real-world stock markets.

When you start the game, you are given an initial amount of virtual cash to invest in buying and selling stocks.

Trader Life Simulator APK includes a database of actual companies listed on stock exchanges around the world.

You can browse detailed profiles on each company to analyze their financials, view charts showing historical stock prices, and read news headlines that may impact their stock performance.

Armed with this information, you can start buying and selling virtual shares in any of the available companies.

Your portfolio value will fluctuate based on real-time stock price data. The goal is to make wise investment decisions and generate profits from your trades.

Just like a professional day trader, you need to closely monitor your portfolio, research market trends, and execute timely trades to maximize your returns.

You can set buy and sell orders to capitalize on short-term price movements. There are also options to purchase stocks on margin or short-sell stocks if you speculate their prices will fall.

As you generate profits and grow your virtual net worth, you’ll unlock new levels and achievements. You can compete against other players on global leaderboards or play it privately if you prefer.

The game is intended to simulate the emotional highs and lows of trading stocks in a real market.

Features Of Trader Life Simulator APK

Trader Life Simulator APK comes with many exciting features, such as:

Multiple Types Of Products

More than 100 types of products are available in this game that you have to manage and sell to move ahead.

Also, many other things like ATMs, banks, bills system, hunger, tiredness, workers, salary, etc., are available in the game, making it realistic.

Trade Items For Profits

Your primary source of income will come from trading all products immediately on multiple markets and generating a small income from each trade batch.

However, various items will always provide you with many new trading opportunities or connections, and you can conduct transactions by prioritizing the prices of multiple items.

Many factors, including market demand, are subject to price changes, so you must maintain an efficient supply chain and continuously optimize revenue.

Manage Your Bank Accounts

Your bank account is essential and is used to make large transactions or automatic market profits beyond your wallet’s capacity.

The game will no longer notify you of transactions, and you will have a cash limit, making the experience of giving as a merchant more authentic than ever before.

Managing your bank account is essential, and you can upgrade or expand your account to get access to various unique and valuable features for managing processes.

Invest In Multiple Companies

A job as a trader will be less profitable, but investing in other businesses will generate passive income.

Multiple companies with compatible indicators are available for you to investigate, decide to invest in, and get access to trading products in the current game.

Over time, the value of the company you have invested in will progressively increase, allowing you to trade more valuable items or expand your investment career.

Change Your Private Life

Your personal life plays an essential role throughout the game, and you have to find a balance between the two before focusing on your career.

The private life insurance system includes many parts, such as purchasing a new home, replacing furniture, purchasing a vehicle, and living peacefully.

You can also shop for additional items and home decor, buy adorable pets, and appreciate the genuine experience of starting a new life.

Become A Billionaire

It is the realization of a fantasy. In this game, you are tasked with designing a supermarket from scratch. It means the facility is clean, and you must purchase and store the necessary foodstuffs.

You will need some shelves and other essentials for creating the best-looking small grocery store.

The game allows you to do a variety of things yourself to get more customers for your business and hire a variety of individuals to help you with various tasks.

Great Trader Experience

A trader’s work is highly varied and includes many different areas, but the trader’s primary objective is to profit from everything.

Using your skills and knowledge, you can convert a small grocery store into a supermarket and increase its popularity.

In Trader Life Simulator APK, you own a grocery store. You are tasked with stocking and organizing an empty supermarket to expand the business.

To broaden your grocery store, you can provide consumers with vegetables, fruits, chips, soda, meat, and eggs, among many other items.

The market should prioritize customer demand, attractive deals, analytics, and news for business growth.

To get an advantage and a reputation in a competitive game market, one must acquire knowledge and improve one’s skills continually.

To profit in a competitive market, you must also exert effort in product demand, exceptional food items, discovering new products, collecting new deals, hot deals, interior design, etc.

In Trader Life Simulator APK, you can engage in various transactions with other individuals and trade different materials, goods, and items at multiple stores and inventories.

New offers require the exploration of recent locations and stores. The game features a finance system through which you can make large-scale financial transactions.

Earn Money for Personal Life

Trader Life Simulator APK allows you to establish a business to manage your personal life.

By better managing the business and advancing, earning more money and appreciating one’s personal life is possible. More capital can be invested in business development.

You can develop your personal life, make a home, decorate the interior, and interact with the world with the help of design tools and user-friendly trading options.

Earn more money by purchasing a large park, a movie theater, or a simple restaurant with your earnings.

Participate in social activities, complete more business deals, and buy high-end automobiles and other luxuries to enhance the quality of your life and that of your family.

Simple Controls

The controls within Trader Life Simulator APK make every action realistic. Objects can be moved by interacting with individual packages, and inventory can be manipulated and relocated throughout the environment.

Many interactions will appear more profound in the background, allowing you to manage your career and explore the world in your preferred way.

Find New Items to Trade

The Trader Life Simulator APK is frequently updated with fresh content. The continuously changing value of goods on the market adds variety to your work as a trader.

Each type of market has unique requirements, but item retrieval and practical item usage are essential. You can visit multiple locations and make transactions.

You can see what products are in demand and keep track of new products by reading the news. Utilize every opportunity to monitor the requirement for profit or investment.

Manage Finances

In Trader Life Simulator APK, you are a business owner who must manage the company’s finances. Your credit card should be utilized for business investments, bank loans, and income growth.

You can deposit cash in a bank and reinvest it in the industry to increase your profit. As the money grows, you can open additional locations in various regions.

Buy and Sell Products

Trader Life Simulator APK, you can buy and distribute food, drink, oil, and other products from other stores in the city.

Collaborate with other attractive sectors to grow your business and earn more income. You have all the products and equipment to start a grocery business, including employees and vehicles to deliver.


The game features superior 3D graphics. The graphics create a natural supermarket environment. The game is more engaging, with excellent representations.


Everything in the game can be customized to make it more engaging. Remember that you must maintain your business and personal life, so pay special attention to each game element. Utilize benefits to advance further in the game.

Trader Life Simulator APK Download

For millions of individuals worldwide, business is an emotional experience. All individuals engaged in multiple jobs throughout their lives.

Trader Life Simulator APK Download

Downloading the Trader Life Simulator APK will allow you to experience trader life. Expand the business into new markets and transform the small company into a supermarket by purchasing or distributing various goods.

Everyone engages in various trades, such as workers trading arts and skills, financiers selling their value for commissions, and entrepreneurs changing their products. The purpose of business is to produce, serve, and profit.

In the Trader Life Simulator APK, a large distribution company will strike you off. After losing employment, you must launch your own business to manage your personal life.

Where to invest the money you save throughout your life in a company should be carefully considered.

You can launch your grocery store using the savings you’ve collected throughout your existence.

Many risks are associated with running a business, but as the company grows, it becomes more profitable.

Explore the city to grow your business. Inside the city, you can find a bank, an ATM, a billing system, a fisherman, a driver, wheat-farming employees, a salary, and many more things.

In the Trader Life Simulator APK, you can purchase groceries, food items, crockery, packaging materials, and cleaning products, among many other items.

Various duties, such as purchasing materials, shelves, shelving, merchandise, and advertising your business, can also be completed within the game.

So, what are you waiting for? Trading Life Simulator APK Download right now.

How to Download and Install Trading Life Simulator APK

  • First, You Need to Download Trader Life Simulator APK from the download button.
  • After Downloading, You Need To Install It.
  • After Installing, Open and Enjoy It.

Final Words

Trader Life Simulator APK offers a unique opportunity for individuals to experience the excitement and challenges of the trading world through a realistic simulation game.

With its user-friendly interface, diverse trading markets, educational resources, and advanced trading tools, the app caters to beginners and experienced traders.

Engaging with the social trading community and utilizing the customization options further enriches the trading experience.

While it is essential to acknowledge the limitations of simulation compared to actual trading, the app provides a valuable learning and practice platform for aspiring traders.

If you find any problems while downloading Trader Life Simulator APK, comment below, and we will resolve your problem quickly.

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Is Trader Life Simulator APK suitable for beginners?

Trader Life Simulator APK is designed with beginners in mind. The user-friendly interface, educational resources, and social trading community provide ample support and guidance for individuals starting their trading journey.

Can I trade with real money on Trader Life Simulator APK?

No, Trader Life Simulator APK is a simulation app allowing users to trade without risking real money. It provides a risk-free environment for learning and practicing trading strategies.

Is the Trader Life Simulator APK available for iOS devices?

Yes, Trader Life Simulator APK is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

How secure is Trader Life Simulator APK?

Trader Life Simulator APK prioritizes the security and safety of its users. The app implements encryption protocols and follows industry regulations to protect users’ personal and financial information.

Can I track my trading performance on Trader Life Simulator APK?

Yes, Trader Life Simulator APK offers performance tracking and analytics features. You can review your trade history, assess your profitability, and identify areas for improvement.

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