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NamePrank Payment APK (Fake Payment App)
PublisherDivakar Mourya.
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Update29 August 2023

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What is Prank Payment APK?

Prank Payment APK is an application that allows the creation of fake payment receipts for pranking friends and family.

What is Prank Payment APK

It allows users to customize transactions and payment receipts realistically and leaves no room for error in achieving what you want to the greatest extent.

Since these pranks involve money, there is no way that they will shock or leave your targets unhurt.

Additionally, this application is user-friendly and quite entertaining. Who wouldn’t find planning a funny prank and observing the targets’ reactions amusing? Furthermore, if you’re looking for best video editor app for android then download alight motion mod apk without watermark. “

This application is full of surprises, and users will love its features. This application is user-friendly due to its basic interface.

What is a Fake Payment App?

The Fake Payment App was created for entertainment purposes. It allows users to create and share fake payment screenshots.

What is Fake Payment App

This exciting platform allows you to prank people and have a great time. Use high numbers to fool and surprise your contacts.

Create an appearance that you are doing actual transactions while having enjoyment. This application allows the user to convince others that they are a millionaire.

With the assistance of this exclusive platform, you can make a boring day enjoyable.

Features Of Prank Payment APK

Prank Payment APK comes with many exiting features, such as:

Easy to Use

It would help if you took my word for it that this application is child’s play. It does its job by starting a few steps, and instantly, you’re finished creating fake receipts.

Different Payment Methods

With Prank Payment APK, you can choose from a wide range of different payment methods to make your pranks look authentic.

From credit cards to mobile wallets, the app offers a variety of options to customize your prank payments.

The multiple payment screens are designed to closely resemble real payment platforms, adding to the prank’s realism and creating hilarious moments.

Change Payment Amounts

One of the standout features of Prank Payment APK is the ability to customize the payment amounts.

Whether you want to trick your friends with a ridiculously high bill or play a prank by pretending to pay them a significant amount, this app allows you to set any payment amount you desire.

The flexibility in customizing the figures enhances the overall prank experience, making it more personalized and entertaining.

Realistic Transaction Details

Prank Payment APK generates realistic transaction details for each simulated payment to make the prank even more convincing.

From transaction IDs to payment timestamps, the app includes all the essential elements to create an authentic payment experience.

Your friends or family members will be astonished as they receive seemingly genuine payment notifications on their devices.

Prank History and Stats

With Prank Payment APK, you can keep track of your prank history and view detailed statistics.

The app stores a record of all your past pranks, allowing you to revisit and reminisce about your funniest moments.

Additionally, the statistics feature provides insights into your prank activity, including the number of pranks executed, total payment amounts, and more.

It adds an element of gamification to the app, making the experience even more engaging.

Prank Ideas and Inspiration

If you ever run out of prank ideas, Prank Payment APK has got you covered. The app offers a dedicated section with prank ideas and inspiration to spark your creativity.

From classic payment-related pranks to unique and innovative tricks, you’ll never be short of ideas to surprise and amuse your friends.

Fake Screenshots

The app allows you to create fake screenshots of your payment methods. You can customize all the details of a screenshot according to your preferences. Save your screenshot and send it to your contacts.

Create A Fake Account

You can create fake accounts on popular payment platforms. This account makes the prank appear more authentic and reduces the likelihood that others will immediately recognize it as a prank.

Prank With Your Friends

Create a fake account that appears authentic and may fool anyone. Add a profile picture and convince the others that you’ve done massive financial transactions with them.

Use this trick to convince other people that you have completed massive transactions. Please create a profile and upload a photo to make it appear authentic.

Create Unlimited Receipts

It’s not uncommon for applications to have issues or lag after receiving output. Still, amazingly, this app allows you to create an unlimited number of receipts without acting abnormally or slowly.

Free Of Cost

Finding a free app that generates fake receipts is difficult, but Prank Payment APK does it for you.

Unlock Full Access

Unlock full access to this app’s finest features, including all popular paying applications and payment methods. Using the most popular payment apps, you can make fake transactions.

Fake Wallets

Using this app, you can create fake wallets. And change the amount in the wallet to get people to talk to themselves. You may include as much fake money as you desire.

There is no limit to its ability to gather digits. Create and modify the wallet to enjoy the gameplay. Send the screenshots to your family and force them to ask you about them.

This application allows the user to become a millionaire by creating fake money in a matter of minutes. Enjoy this application to the fullest and reduce dullness by pranking your contact list.

Create a Fake Bank Account

This application also allows users to create fake bank accounts. Multiple accounts can be used for pranking.

Change the account information to make it appear you are using a friend’s account. Download this application immediately and take advantage of all of its amazing features.

Connect multiple accounts and receive a more realistic experience overall.


The app does not require or access sensitive permissions or data from your device. Receipts are generated within the app only and never shared without your consent.


Dedicated customer support in case of any issues faced while using the app. Frequent updates provide fixes and improvements based on user feedback.

Export and Share

Final edited prank receipts can be directly saved to the phone gallery as images. Share the fake payment proofs via WhatsApp, Instagram, etc., to prank your contacts.

Supported image formats include JPG and PNG based on choice. Images retain all edits.

Prank Payment APK Download

If you are looking for fun pranks to play on your friends and family, you must try Prank Payment APK. An app that fools others into believing that you do actual money transactions.

Prank Payment APK Download

The primary function of this application is to entertain yourself by pranking people you know with fake payment methods.

You can use a screenshot from any payment platform to create the appearance of an original transaction.

Additionally, you can select the desired quantity to add to the screenshot. It allows you to change all the details to make the payment realistic.

Prank Payment APK is a fun application with a unique pranking concept. You can generate and modify fake snapshots of payment transactions from various paying applications.

It has incredible details and results, making it simple to fool people into believing they are genuine transactions from real apps.

So, what are you waiting for? Prank Payment APK Download right now.

How to Download and Install Prank Payment APK

  • First, Download Prank Payment APK from the download button.
  • After Downloading, You Need To Install It.
  • After Installing, Open and Enjoy It.

Final Words

Prank Payment APK is the ultimate tool for harmless fun and laughter. Its user-friendly interface, customizable payment amounts, realistic transaction details, and the ability to share and record pranks make it a must-have app for pranksters.

With its extensive features and a wide range of prank possibilities, this application guarantees hours of entertainment with your loved ones.

If you have any problems downloading Prank Payment APK, please let us know in the comments section below.

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Note: This is just for educational purposes. We are not responsible for any damages if anything happens using this app.


Is Prank Payment APK safe to use?

Yes, Prank Payment APK is safe to use and does not perform any financial transactions. It is mainly designed for entertainment purposes.

Can I use Prank Payment APK to prank strangers?

It is recommended to only use Prank Payment APK to prank friends or family members with their consent. Pranking strangers without their permission may not be appropriate.

Can I create multiple accounts on Prank Payment Apk?

Yes, you can create multiple accounts with fake information to fool people who know you.

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