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NameI Am Fish APK
PublisherDECX PRO
Size30 MB
Latest Versionv1.9
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Update18 September 2023

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What is I Am Fish APK?

I Am Fish APK is a physics-based adventure game developed by Bossa Studios. The game is available on platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

What is I Am Fish APK

The I Am Fish APK allows you to install the Android version of I Am Fish on your smartphones and tablets.

In I Am Fish APK, you play as a fish accidentally flushed down the toilet into the sewers by a pet cat. You aim to navigate challenging environments and obstacles to reach the ocean.

The game uses ragdoll physics – your fish can flip, flop, and flap around using momentum and control to traverse land, air, and water.

You can use touchscreen controls to maneuver the fish by performing various moves like steering left or right, jumping, braking, and boosting.

The fish can also use its tail to perform a whip action to break objects or hit switches. Mastering the physics-based controls is critical to navigating the imaginative levels.

I am Fish APK provides access to all four playable fish in the game – Goldie the goldfish, Barb the piranha, Speckles the speckled trout, and Muddy the mudskipper.

Each fish has slightly different physics and abilities. Their unique personalities and backstories are revealed through humorous NPC interactions.

As you progress through the campaigns, collectibles like Special Scales can be discovered in levels that unlock fun modifiers and mutators that allow creative runs.

The game features bright, colorful 3D visuals running at 60fps, bringing the chaotic fish simulations to life.

Features Of I Am Fish APK

Here are the extensive features of the I Am Fish APK. Read each of the features listed below.

3D Graphics

I am Fish APK has an outstanding 3D graphics representation, which makes it highly engaging.

Beginning immediately, you will be fixed to the screen, and you will enjoy exploring new levels throughout the game.

In the game, you will encounter many creatures, some of which may be scary. The overwhelming reality of every aspect of the game is impressive.

The fish movements, background scenery, and other elements create an experience you will never forget.

Play As Fish

There are currently a variety of fascinating simulation games available for enjoyment. These games are interesting because there are so many different versions available today.

If you frequently enjoy trying out new games, you can now download exclusive ones. You can play as a fish in the I Am Fish APK, one of the many entertaining games currently available. Your objective is to reach the ocean!

You must constantly be in the water, like a fish, if you do not wish to succumb! Here, you will be able to explore a fishbowl.

To reach the ocean, you must overcome challenges that will test your balance, control, and endurance!

To return home, you must explore several complex regions in this game. You will be restricted in a building’s chamber and must find your way out!

This game has the most realistic visuals and controls for a smartphone game.

Easy Controls

I Am Fish APK is a fun simulator game that allows you to navigate through buildings and return to your ocean home.

You have complete control over your dish and may aim it in any direction. It allows you to return to the ocean.

Unique Skills

Every kind of fish has a unique ability that distinguishes them from one another. If we’re talking about the most popular fish in the game, it would be the Goldfish.

The boost option in Goldfish allows your fish to travel more quickly. As piranha fish have excellent biting ability, they can easily bite through obstacles and pass them.

Flying fish can fly by leaping from the water into the air. It allows the fish to travel great distances with ease. Finally, pufferfish can land on their backs and move away.

Amazing Background Music

This game’s background music is delightful, and the sounds of water and bubbles enhance the game’s attraction.

During the game, the calming sound of music increases your activity. Utilize headphones if you want to hear high-quality music while playing this game.

Special Effects

Many new special effects have been introduced to the fish movement in this game. The swish effect is one of the newly introduced effects in the Android version.

These effects add color and interest to the game. Therefore, users can play this game for a more extended period.


I am Fish APK is very engaging. As the goldfish travels through the levels, it faces several difficult obstacles.

You may need to boost your fish to swim or reach obstacles. Then, you can occasionally race by flapping its fins.

The game requires quick thinking and skill as you attempt various methods to return the goldfish to its home. It is enjoyable and presents a variety of challenges.

It would be best if you exercised caution as the fish moves forward. You must carefully plan its movements to prevent crashes with obstacles.

As a counterweight for other actions, you may be required to move it as quickly as possible.

Your fish must survive to thrive. You cannot risk losing! If you do so, you will have to begin from scratch, which will be heartbreaking.

Many Challenges

I am Fish APK provides a variety of challenging levels, each more engaging than the last. In this regard, the creative thinking of the developers will surprise you.

To complete a level, you must consider getting your goldfish home safely without suffering any injuries along the way.

It will not be easy, but it will be thrilling and compelling, even if you fail multiple times.

You can also access new fish characters in the game by successfully completing levels. It raises the enjoyment factor exponentially.

You will also get to experience a variety of landscapes as your goldfish makes its way back home.


This game provides players with multiple languages. The developer makes this game international in every way. This game is simple for everyone to understand in their language.

No Ads

You can play I am Fish APK without advertisements. I Am Fish APK for Android is free to play. There are no ads from third parties.

I Am Fish APK Download

I Am Fish APK Download

Who doesn’t want to step into the fins of a little fish on an epic journey? With I Am Fish APK, you get to do just that in a wacky physics adventure that’s creative, challenging, and laugh-out-loud funny.

As soon as you flip, flap, and flop your first fish, you’ll be hooked on the satisfying momentum-based controls.

Maneuvering your fish using the touch screen is intuitive yet challenging to master, keeping gameplay addictive.

The varied-level design constantly throws exciting obstacles at you – it’s a blast steering your fish through imaginative worlds filled with ramps, pipes, platforms, and other surprises.

There’s plenty of replayability, too, with mutators that transform levels into new crazy experiences.

With four unique fish to control, you get excellent visuals and gameplay variety every step of the swim.

The quirky fish personalities and humorous NPC interactions add to the lightheartedness. Guiding these little fish on their quest for freedom and fulfillment is just fun.

I Am Fish APK delivers in spades for a genuinely funny, creative, and feel-good mobile experience. The physics-based gameplay provides hours of unconventional platforming challenges.

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How to Download and Install I Am Fish APK

  • First, Download I Am Fish APK from the download button.
  • After Downloading, You Need To Install It.
  • After Installing, Open and Enjoy It.

Final Words

I Am Fish APK is a fun game for players. It features many levels, appealing visuals, and an engaging gameplay.

You can compare your scores with players from around the world using the game’s leaderboards and many achievements. The game’s controls and features allow players to entertain themselves.

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Can I play I Am Fish APK on an Android device?

Yes, You can play I Am Fish APK on Android device.

How long can I play this game?

The gameplay of this game is around 10 hours, but it becomes more enjoyable when you start playing it.

How many levels are in I Am Fish?

The level should be shorter in the I Am Fish game, and around 13 is the main level.

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