Game Space Voice Changer APK

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NameGame Space Voice Changer APK
Size50 MB
Latest Versionv7.2.8
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Update14 September 2023

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What is Game Space Voice Changer APK?

Game Space Voice Changer APK is an extraordinary application that can transform the tonal quality of a person’s voice to resemble that of a male, female, child, robot, or ghostly entity.

What is Game Space Voice Changer APK

Realme’s skilful software engineers developed this innovative program. If you’re a passionate Android gamer, you’ve likely heard of the latest app impacting the gaming community.

In addition to allowing gamers to customize their features and increase their device’s storage capacity, this app has a unique feature that blocks unwanted notifications while playing.

By blocking notifications such as text messages and incoming phone calls, the app lets gamers focus entirely on their game without being distracted by unnecessary inputs.

The app’s automatic notification-blocking function activates when the game is initiated, ensuring no notifications disrupt the gameplay experience.

So that the gamer does not miss any important messages or calls, the app displays all missed notifications once the game has concluded.

Those who do not want to miss important notifications while still being able to play uninterrupted will find this feature particularly useful.

Features of Game Space Voice Changer APK

Game Space Voice Changer APK Comes With Many Useful Features Like:

Pitch Changer

The pitch changer allows users to alter the pitch of their voice to be higher or lower. It can be used to sound like a different gender or age. The app offers a pitch range from -10 to +10 semitones.

Formant Shifter

It shifts the voice’s formant frequencies, giving vowels their characteristic timbre. Shifting these creates vocal effects like a giant or chipmunk.


A built-in equalizer allows users to tweak the frequencies of their voice. Boosting or cutting specific frequencies can achieve the desired effects.

Background Noise Reduction

Background noise reduction helps eliminate ambient sounds for a more evident vocal effect. It ensures the voice effects come through cleanly.

Voice Recorder

An integrated voice recorder allows users to record their modified voice in-app and save it to their storage.

Multiple Voice Effects

Multiple voice-changing effects can be combined and layered for unique vocal modifications. The app supports using two effects at once.

Keypad Lock

The keypad lock feature prevents accidental parameter changes during gameplay. It ensures uninterrupted voice changing.

Voice Activator

With the voice activator, effects are only applied while the user speaks. It saves resources and prevents sound leakage.

Lightweight App

Game Space Voice Changer APK has a small download size and efficient coding. This results in minimal storage space usage and resource requirements.

Easy to Use

Game Space Voice Changer APK has an intuitive interface for a smooth user experience. First-time users can quickly learn how to use the voice-changing features.

Save Battery Life

This application has a feature that stops extra battery consumption while playing games. It terminates all unnecessary secondary processes while playing the game.

As a result, you can save more battery and enhance your device’s performance. Additionally, it enables you to configure your battery to avoid sudden blackouts.

Detailed Information About Games

The Game Space Voice Changer APK provides complete details regarding your installed games. You can view all relevant information regarding a specific game, simplifying your app management.

Voice Changer

This feature lets you change your voice while interacting with another user online. As a result, it helps the effortless determination of the gameplay’s progression.

You can easily configure a unique sound for each game to indicate when you have received a message or notification from that game.

Simple UI

The interface of Game Space Voice Changer APK is simple and easy to use, so no special skills are required to use this application.

Manage Messages and Calls

When you receive notifications while playing a game, the experience becomes interrupted. You can use this app to manage your calls and messages and display notifications when you are not playing a game.

Audio Game Switching

The application lets you switch between headphones and speakers when playing online games. When you want to conserve battery life, you can also easily view your battery’s status.

Signal Strength Management

The app displays the signal strength of your phone in the notification bar. So, you can see which app consumes the most data without launching the app itself.

Extremely Dynamic Modes

The application includes multiple modes that allow you to personalize your experience. They include:

Balanced Mode: This mode offers the optimal experience by combining performance and noise cancellation modes. It also ensures that power consumption is balanced without compromising performance.

Low Power Consumption Mode: This mode reduces your device’s power consumption, extending its battery life. Additionally, it improves performance and response time.

Competitive Mode: For a more immersive gaming experience, this mode increases frame rate and avoids all distractions. In addition, it improves responsiveness.

Performance Mode: These modes help optimize your gaming device’s performance. You can choose from the available settings or set your custom mode.

Noise Cancellation Mode: With this mode, you can quickly eliminate any unwanted background noise and immerse yourself in uninterrupted gameplay for a straightforward and enjoyable experience.

Game Space Voice Changer APK Download

As we all know, since the invention of the internet, humans are connected through multiple channels and know each other very well.

Game Space Voice Changer APK Download

Therefore, if you want to communicate with someone anonymously or send them a specific message without them knowing your identity, there is no need to worry because ColorOS has developed an incredible app tool.

Game Space Voice Changer APK is an Android application allowing users to alter their accents. This application has great potential in the gaming industry because gamers value changing their voices.

If you’re a true gamer, you’ll enjoy using this tool. By utilizing this app, users can protect their privacy.

The application can also be used for pranking acquaintances, coworkers, partners, and random people.

Therefore, acquire the Game Space Voice changer APK immediately and utilize its numerous features, providing entertainment for nearly everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Game Space Voice Changer APK Download right now.

How to Download and Install Game Space Voice Changer APK

  • First, You Need to Download Game Space Voice Changer APK from the download button.
  • After Downloading, You Need To Install It.
  • After Installing, Open and Enjoy It.

Final Words

Game Space Voice Changer APK is a mobile application that provides a variety of modes and exclusive features that make this game more engaging.

Those who play mobile games can block unwanted notifications and calls with this application.

If you face any problems while downloading the Game Space Voice Changer APK, please comment below, and we will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

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Does Game Space have a voice changer?

Yes, Game Space has a voice changer.

How can I change my voice while playing a game?

You can change your voice using Game Space Voice Changer while playing a game.

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