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NameCricket 19 APK
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Update11 September 2023

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What is Cricket 19 Download For Android?

Cricket 19 Download For Android is a mobile game application that allows users to play the sport of cricket on their Android devices.

What is Cricket 19 Game Download For Android

It is based on Cricket 19, a cricket video game developed by Nautilus Mobile Team.

Players can choose from various game modes, including quick play, career mode, scenarios, and online multiplayer.

Quick play allows the user to compete against AI or human opponents. Career mode enables creating and developing a custom cricketer throughout a career.

Scenarios provide historic cricket matches that users can replay while attempting to change the outcome. The multiplayer mode gives access to online contests against other human players.

The gameplay aims to provide an authentic cricket experience with realistic physics and animations, tactical field placements, pitch degradation over time, and advanced batting and bowling controls.

Users can fully customize matches by changing settings like difficulty, match type, teams, and more.

Cricket 19 Download For Android offers cricket fans and gamers an immersive and enjoyable cricket experience directly on their Android devices.

Features Of Cricket 19 Download For Android

Cricket 19 Download For Android Comes With Many Interesting Features Like:

3D Animation

This game features 3D animations everywhere and accurate cricket mechanics, which is a plus. It provides graphics and audio of the utmost quality for this game.

You can view 3D-shaped characters and enjoy a truly authentic cricket gaming experience.

In the most recent version of Cricket 19 APK, the most captivating scenes include sobbing, fielding, and additional activities.


Cricket 19 Download For Android comes with excellent and realistic graphics. These Graphics gives you realistic gameplay feel that you can enjoy.


Cricket 19 Download For Android adds a new game mode called scenario mode, which allows players to start a match in any predetermined scenario.

Users can also play through the men’s ODI, T20, and test world cups and the women’s and T20 world cups. These, however, lacked any ICC licenses.

Match, tour, and competition designers are also included, allowing users to format their specific needs.

The game also includes a career mode, allowing players to begin their careers as rookies or established cricketers.


The game provides multiple character customization options and much more. Depending on your requirements, you can alter your hairstyle, abilities, right hand, and left hand and acquire additional skills.

You can change your fielding and bowling styles anytime and win tournaments and the world cup.

Advanced Batting Controls

Batting mechanics provide greater control, including front and back foot shots, stroke types like hooks and pulls, and defensive strokes. Shot placement and timing impact success.

Tactical Bowling Options

Players can utilize different delivery types like fast, spin, swing, seam, and more when bowling. Field placements and line and length choices provide tactical depth.

Licensed Teams and Players

Cricket 19 Download For Android includes over 100+ men’s international teams and over 300 players.

Teams include all the top cricketing nations like Australia, England, India, Pakistan, South Africa, etc.

Official team kits, logos, player likenesses and names are included to provide an authentic experience.

Historic and current player rosters are available to choose from. Select your favorite classic or modern cricketers.

Game Modes

Quick Play: Jump into a match instantly. Choose teams, game settings and venues to customize the experience.

Scenarios: Key historic matches are available to replay while attempting to change the outcome. Great for cricket nostalgia.

Online Multiplayer: Compete in online matches and tournaments against other real opponents. Quick matches or ranked competitive play are available.

Commentary and Presentation

The television-style presentation provides an immersive experience. Commentary by professional cricket commentators analyzing the action as it unfolds. Replay mode to rewatch highlights and key moments.

Player Growth via Training

Train batting, bowling and fielding skills through minigames during career mode. Gain XP through matches and training to upgrade attributes like power, technique, and variations.

Career Mode

Cricket 19 Download for Android features a career mode that offers players a variety of unique and engaging methods to play.

To compete in the world championship, you must assemble a team of professionals with specialized abilities.

These players will compete fiercely for available positions on the national team. If you desire a more enjoyable gaming experience, you should design your character and use that character in the game’s career mode.

The game employs modern artificial intelligence modeled after the real world to make gameplay appear more realistic and enhance the game’s overall aesthetic.

This tournament features special teams and athletes from each group to provide additional luxuries for the participants.

Improve Your Skills

Improve your cricket skills to the greatest extent possible. The level of gameplay detail is unquestionably greater here.

We have numerous options for throwing and shooting the object during this time. The act of throwing a ball involves multiple additional processes.

Each of us receives one meter for our hurl of the ball. Which drastically alters the speed and position of the throw.

Consequently, you can access more than 37 unique images on this page. If you implement these shots effectively, you will be able to accumulate a large number of runs.

Active Team Compositions and Their Current Status

In this cricket match, the most recent developments in cricket will be discussed and carried out. Due to this, all of the most recent teams can be located in this location.

Moreover, the newly recruited team members are also present. However, this does not inherently mean the older ones are no longer accessible.

In addition, we can appreciate them in various other distinct gameplay styles. In addition, each team’s old and new flags are available here.

There is no doubt that numerous cricket teams have altered their uniforms for their campaigns. Because of this, you can obtain each of these unique costumes by downloading the Cricket 19 APK.

Cricket 19 Download For Android

Cricket 19 Download For Android is a cricket game. You are the captain of your team and can designate other players.

Cricket 19 Download For Android

In the tournament game, different teams bring their talents. If you win the tournament game, you will receive trophies, prizes, and cash.

You can use it to improve your team’s abilities and access additional levels. The tournament games are played in various locations. So, you travel to multiple countries throughout the game.

Numerous matches’ victorious teams advance to the championship match, and the level of difficulty increases proportionally.

If you play this game, you will experience as though you are competing against an actual cricketer. The rules of a tournament and a T20 or cricket league differ marginally.

The game enables multiple play views on the screen, making playing on an Android device easier.

If you believe your team needs to perform better in the tournament, you must replace ineffective players with competent ones.

So, what are you waiting for? Cricket 19 Download for Android right now.

How to Download and Install Cricket 19 Download For Android

  • First, download Cricket 19 Game For Android through the download button.
  • After downloading install the Game APK file then extract OBB file and Paste it into Android/Obb folder.
  • After that, launch the game and enjoy the game.

Final Words

Cricket 19 Download For Android offers unmatched realism and control through its physics, animations and difficulty settings, allowing you to set the perfect cricket challenge.

If you have problems downloading Cricket 19 Game For Android, please let us know in the comments below.

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Can I download Cricket 19 on Android?

Yes, you can download Cricket 19 For Android, Because Cricket 19 is now available for Android devices.

How many MB is Cricket 19?

Cricket 19 size is 65 MB.

Can I play online multiplayer with Cricket 19 APK?

Yes, the APK version supports online multiplayer functionality so that you can compete in matches against other players. However, performance may vary compared to the official Play Store version.

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