5 Best Open World Games For Android Under 500 MB (2023)

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If You Are Looking For Best Open World Games For Android Under 500 MB, You Are In The Right Place. Hello Friends, Welcome Back to Ocean APK. In This Article I’m Telling You About 5 Best Open World Games for Android Under 500 MB.

The evolution of mobile gaming is responsible for creating open-world games with impressive graphics, attractive stories, and engaging gameplay.

However, the size of these games is frequently a problem, particularly for Android users with limited storage space.

This article suggests open-world games that balance size and quality, ensuring a satisfying gaming experience.

What is an Open World Game?

Open-world games are video games that allow players to explore a virtual environment freely.

Open-world games, as compared to traditional games, provide a large and dynamic environment in which players can roam, interact with non-player characters (NPCs), succeed in missions, and find hidden treasures.

These games frequently feature an effective narrative, allowing players to influence their virtual world adventures.

Benifits of Open-World Games

Many benifits of open-world games make them a popular choice among mobile gamers. Among the main benifits are:

Immersive Gameplay: Open-world games provide a high level of immersion, allowing players to immerse personally in a highly detailed virtual world and experience it from a first- or third-person perspective.

Free Roam: Compared to linear games, which limit players to a planned path, open-world games allow for unlimited exploration. The player can choose where to go, what missions to complete, and how to advance.

Replayability: Open-world games frequently feature many additional missions, hidden collectibles, and alternative storylines, which help to their high replayability. After finishing the main story, players can return to the game to find new content.

Sense of Success: Open-world games provide a sense of success as the player progresses through the game, completes missions, and unlocks new abilities or virtual world areas.

Factors to Consider for Android Games

It is important to consider certain factors when selecting open-world games for Android devices to ensure a seamless gaming experience. These elements include:

Device Compatibility: Verify that the game’s hardware requirements and operating system version are compatible with your Android device.

Storage Room: Since we’re focusing on games under 500MB, ensure you have enough capacity on your hard drive to install and run the game.

Graphics and Performance: Look for games with high-quality visuals that do not place excessive pressure on your device’s hardware, which can affect performance.

Game Controls: Consider whether the game’s control scheme suits your preferences. Some games feature artificial buttons, while others are compatible with gamepads or touchscreens.

Best Open World Games for Android Under 500 MB

Here are the best open world games for Android under 500 MB that gives immersive gameplay experiences:

5 Best Open World Android Games Under 500 MB

1. Gangster Fighting Simulator

Gangster Fighting Simulator allows players to experience the thrill and excitement of underground fighting.

As a player, you will navigate through a gritty and realistic cityscape, encountering a variety of opponents and challenging arenas.

With a focus on hand-to-hand combat, the game delivers an authentic fighting experience.

2. MadOut2 Big City Online

MadOut2 Big City Online introduces players to a larg detailed cityscape ripe for exploration and adventure.

As a player, you can roam the city, interact with its inhabitants, and engage in various activities ranging from racing and vehicular mayhem to missions and challenges.

The game aims to provide an immersive and action-packed experience for players.

3. Gangster Crime

Gangster Crime allows players to experience the life of a criminal in a realistic and immersive online world.

As a player, you will face various challenges, participate in thrilling missions, and make smart choices that will impact your character’s journey through the criminal underworld.

The game wants to provide fans of crime-themed games with an authentic and engaging experience.

4. Cyberworld Online

Cyberworld Online is a cyberpunk role-playing game with an open world developed and published by Wenkly Studio. In 2022, it was released for Android and iOS devices.

In Cyberworld Online, participants play the role of cybernetically enhanced futuristic warriors.

To become the city’s ultimate champion, they must explore expansive quests, achieve quests, and fight enemies.

5. Day Before Die

JSGamez’s Day Before Die is a post-apocalyptic, open-world, zombie shooter game. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

In Day Before Die, the player plays the role of a survivor in a zombie-infected world. To survive, they must travel a big world, hunt for resources, and battle armies of zombies.

The player can utilize a variety of weapons and equipment to fight zombies. Additionally, players can construct their bases and ask for other survivors to help in their survival.

Day Before Die is a difficult game that will appeal to lovers of zombie survival video games. New content is consistently added to the game, so there is always something new to do.

Final Words

Open-world games provide an exciting opportunity to explore vast virtual worlds and embark on thrilling adventures.

With the limited storage capacity of Android devices, finding high-quality games under 500MB can take time and effort.

However, This is our best open world games for Android under 500 MB list. Now you tell me which game you like most.

If you have any queries please comment below, and bookmark our blog Ocean APK for more useful post.


Can I play these games offline?

Yes, most open-world games for Android can be played offline once downloaded and installed on your device.

Are these games suitable for low-end Android devices?

Yes, the selected games are optimized to run smoothly on various Android devices, including low-end ones. However, it’s recommended to check the minimum system requirements before installing.

Are these games safe to download from third-party sources?

To ensure the safety of your device and personal information, it’s recommended to download games from trusted sources such as the Google Play Store. Avoid downloading APK files from unknown websites to minimize the risk of malware or security breaches.

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