Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK

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NameDragon Ball Z Kakarot APK
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Update04 September 2023

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What is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK?

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK offers a unique opportunity for franchise fans to enjoy the game on their Android devices.

What is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK

With the APK version, players can experience the immersive gameplay, engaging storylines, and thrilling battles that have made Dragon Ball Z Kakarot such a hit.

The APK allows users to access the game’s full features, including exploring vast landscapes, engaging in epic combat, and interacting with beloved characters from the Dragon Ball Z series.

Features of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK includes many interesting features to enhance your gaming experience.

Let’s have a look at some of the special features that make this APK version a must-have for Dragon Ball Z fans:


Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK provides an immersive gameplay experience that allows players to explore the vast open-world environments of the Dragon Ball Z universe.

From lush landscapes to bustling cities, you can freely roam and interact with the surroundings, uncovering hidden secrets and engaging in epic battles.


The APK version of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot retains the captivating and iconic storylines that have made the franchise so beloved.

You can relive the adventures of Goku and his friends as they embark on thrilling quests, face formidable foes, and save the world from impending threats. The rich narrative keeps players engaged and invested in the game’s universe.

Epic Battles

Get ready for heart-pounding battles as Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK offers a robust combat system.

Engage in dynamic, high-octane battles against familiar adversaries, executing powerful moves and unleashing devastating energy attacks.

The APK version ensures you can experience adrenaline-pumping fights on your Android device.

Customize Characters

As you progress through the game, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK allows you to develop and strengthen your characters.

Unlock new abilities, upgrade existing skills, and customize your fighters to suit your playstyle. Witness your favorite characters grow in power and unlock their full potential.

Iconic Characters

One of the highlights of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK is the inclusion of a vast roster of iconic characters from the Dragon Ball Z series.

Interact with beloved characters such as Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, and many more. Build relationships, form alliances, and participate in memorable moments from the original storyline.


Beyond the main quests, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK offers a variety of entertaining mini-games and side activities to keep you engaged.

Engage in fishing, cooking, training, and exploring activities, providing a well-rounded gaming experience outside of the main storyline.

Stunning Graphics and Soundtrack

The APK version of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot boasts stunning visuals that bring the anime-inspired world to life.

Enjoy beautifully rendered environments, detailed character models, and explosive energy effects.

Accompanied by an immersive soundtrack that captures the essence of the series, the game provides a truly captivating audio-graphics experience.


In the game’s training mode, you can easily train and update yourself with your character’s fighting style. Here, you can experiment with your chosen hero’s various moves and powers.

Offline Battles

In the game’s offline battles, you’ll fight with AI-controlled opponents. These can be anyone beyond your chosen hero. These are short battles in which you can face any selected opponent.

PVP Battles

This game’s PVP mode allows you to battle against any other real player. Your current classification or stage selects the opponent so that a fair contest may be witnessed.

Many Tap Attacks

As mentioned, the game is extremely easy to play; you can launch an attack by simply touching your mobile screen.

In addition, you can combine various attacks to create a new attack, just as Goku does in the series. The attacks that can be done in this game are the following:

  • Ki Charge
  • Four types of Combo attacks
  • Super Attack
  • Ultimate Attack
  • Instant Transmission Power
  • Beam struggle Attack
  • Blow exchange Attack

Item Selection

As they progress through the game, players will encounter many different currencies. Zeni and Cores are the two most common currencies to access new characters.

You can earn Krowns for clothing and items for your characters by completing achievements or playing as an offline character.

Regarding currency collection, players can complete daily tasks or perform as offline character.

Blocking Moves

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK is a battle and action-adventure game that features a variety of attacks, including power attacks, dash attacks, charge attacks, etc.

These actions can be performed in various forms, each with unique qualities, and they can help you defeat your opponents.

You can also implement a special move that blocks your opponent. These special moves contain an important amount of strength.

Photo Mode

Pause the game anytime and enter Photo Mode to take customized screenshots.

Adjust camera angle, add filters and stickers, change facial expressions of characters, and more to get shareable photos.

Ultra Instinct

Unlock the powerful Ultra Instinct transformation for Goku and Vegeta after meeting certain conditions.

Ultra Instinct provides a significant combat boost, allows automatic dodging, and unlocks powerful unique abilities.

Sub Quests

Take on optional challenges from characters like searching for ingredients, collecting items, defeating creatures, etc.

You can complete sub-quests to gain rewards like rare cooking ingredients, ultimate techniques for your skill tree, valuable items and equipment.

Open World

Find and collect the 7 Dragon Balls worldwide to summon Shenron and gain unique rewards.

Drive vehicles like flying nimbus, capsule planes, and capsule vehicles to travel faster. Visit memorable locations like Frieza’s spaceship, the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Snake Way, and more.

Story Mode

Relive epic boss fights like Goku vs Vegeta, Goku vs Frieza, Gohan vs Cell, and Gotenks vs Buu. These boss battles capture the tense back-and-forth action from the anime.

Make critical storyline decisions that diverge into “what-if” scenarios, like training with King Kai before the Saiyans arrive.

Unique cutscenes and interactions expand on untold stories, like Gohan’s adventures on Namek before Goku arrived.

Fusion Dance

Perform the Fusion Dance with eligible characters to fuse them into powerful hybrid fighters like Goku + Vegeta = Gogeta or Gohan + Goten = Gotenks.

Fused characters have a time limit but come with upgrades, progression trees, and moves.

Tournament Mode

Compete in the World Tournament against iconic DBZ fighters. Choose your champion and try to become a champion!

Tournaments have unique rules and stages, including 2v2 and Battle Royale formats.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK Download

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK focuses on fighting. Here, you are playing the role of a Dragon Ball Z franchise character. The game is based on different sagas and timelines from the Dragon Ball Z storyline.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK Download

These sagas include the starting saga, also known as the Saiyan Saga. The Frieza saga is the next saga.

Additionally, you will participate in the Cell Saga and Majin Buu Saga. You will be given different responsibilities and missions to complete to advance to the next stage in these sagas.

In addition to these primary missions, you will also have the opportunity to complete some side missions. In addition, upgrading and improving your character’s abilities is possible.

The game features 22 playable characters, each of whom can be utilized relatively easily.

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How to Download and Install Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK

  • First, Download Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK from the download button.
  • After Downloading, You Need To Install It.
  • After Installing, Open and Enjoy It.

Final Words

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK offers an exciting opportunity for franchise fans to enjoy the game on their Android devices.

If you are a great fan of the DBZ franchise and its heroes, then here is your chance to experience the real fights of the DBZ series.

If you are facing any problems while downloading Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK, please comment below, and I will reply as soon as possible.

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Can I play Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK on my iPhone?

No, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK is specifically designed for Android devices and is not compatible with iOS devices like iPhones.

Is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot offline?

Yes, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is primarily an offline single-player game. It allows players to experience the story of Dragon Ball Z as Goku, going through various sagas and battles.

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